Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A promoter of a new Great-Russian Empire?
A dogmatic Leninist or Stalin worshipper?
A Hitlerite 'National Socialist' or Nazi?
A ‘Nazi Bolshevik' or ‘Nazi-Bol’?
An atheist or materialist?

The answer is: NO, NO, NO, NO and once again NO.

A true National Bolshevik is anyone who believes that all nations - big or small - should be governed directly by and for those who form the 'majority' (the literal meaning of the word 'bolshevik') and not ruled by a tiny minority of state despots, puppet parliamentarians or corrupt bankers and bureaucrats - serving only the Empire of Money - of  International Finance Capitalism.

The role of Bolshevism in each and every Nation today is to work for the interests of the 'majority' or 'Bolsheviks', i.e. the 99% - and in particular to free them from serfdom to today's parasitic global banking system.

This demands the creation of new types of People's Banks - local, communal and national - providing interest-free money to meet the needs of the majority of ordinary people and not the 1% of super-rich banksters.

Private commercial banks can and do create 'create money from nothing' every second simply by entering digital money electronically on the accounts of borrowers - money which counts as THEIR money, and from which they make huge profits from interest and speculative trading.

They constitute an Empire of Money which rules the politics of all nations, for which all political empires are but an instrument and facade - and whose sole god is the god of money.

Yet if private banks can create money electronically, so could People's Banks - but with the fundamental difference that the money that People's Banks created would belong to the people and that communities and governments could spend it in the interests of the people - the majority - and not for the private profit of the few.

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