Wednesday, February 26, 2014


America’s strategy for economically and militarily destroying, dividing and colonising a country. 

Set up countless CIA or State Department backed front organisations or NGOs with nice names such as‘The National Endowment for Democracy’ - active in Yugoslavia after Tito and also used  to finance the protest movement in the Ukraine and eventually bring about an unconstitutional coup using neo-Nazi paramilitary groups. 

See Meet the Americans who put the Coup together in Kiev (article) and Weight of Chains - video on the destruction of Yugoslavia. 

Yugoslavia after Tito - use bribes to put chosen politicians in positions through which they can remove the last elements of any socialist or social-market economy independent of international finance capitalism, and as after the fall of the U.S.S.R create a new class of oligarchs from corrupt ex-communists.  

Sell off the nation’s public services and buy up its industries at rock-bottom prices - the plan for Ukraine.

Bring about a massive fall in wages and standards of living for the working class - as occurred in Yugoslavia after Tito.

Use corruption and poverty not to foster genuine popular protest and class struggle but mainly to fuel ethnic tensions and inflame ethnic hatredpitting Serbs against Croats and Albanians (or 'Ukrainians' against 'Russians'). 

Place the country in debt-slavery to international banks, destabilise its currency and bring ruin to as many sectors of its economy as possible (…soon to be imposed by the IMF in the Ukraine through abolition of all financial support to agriculture and industry, a public sector wage freeze, a 40% hike in energy prices, and 50% cut in pensions).

In the case of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, refuse further loans except to regions that assert ‘independence’ - with the aim of turning them into economic puppet states for the international banks. 

Fund and eventually bring to power the most ethnically or religiously extreme and racist leaders in each region (think of Milosevic and Tudjman - and  today of the neo-Nazi paramilitary groups used to overthrow a democratically elected government in the Ukraine).

Create conditions for bloody inter-ethnic wars of the sort we saw occur between the ex-Yugoslav states and regions -   and in this way destroy the infrastructure and weaken the economies of these newly ‘independent’ and ‘democratic’ states, making them even more dependent on loans.

Eventually replace discredited or criminal war leaders with puppet financial bureaucrats as new heads of state (note: the new President of Ukraine is an ex-banker who is now trying to marginalise the neo-Nazis placed in government and on the streets – who are now surplus to requirements having done their job on the streets).

Still use the press and media to make sure that issues of ethnic, religious and sexual identity still continue to dominate over economic issues – for example through propaganda and pogroms aimed at immigrants or ethnic minorities (…and who knows how many Russians are now being beaten up and persecuted in the Ukraine).   

Eliminate all vestiges and symbols of a country’s socialist past – as for example most images of Marshall Tito or even memorials to the WW2 partisans cannot be found in states that used to be part of Yugoslavia (…or statues of Lenin are now knocked down in the Ukraine).

Incorporate supposedly ‘independent’ but now bankrupted, de-socialised and privatised economies into giant banker-controlled super-states such as the E.U. (example, Slovenia - but also the main aim of those backing the pro-EU Maidan square protesters in the Ukraine)

Use disinformation to denounce, defame, destabilise, bring about civil wars or back coups in any and all countries (such as Chile, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuala etc. whose leaders refuse to play the game – or else use direct military force to bring about regime change).

Finally, if Russia stops playing the game then launch a massive worldwide disinformation campaign against it. So get all the corporate Western media to talk of Russia ‘invading’ Crimea or even, like CNN pretend to show Russian tanks rolling into Crimea even though Russia has no land border or roads into Crimea (not to mention having had a paid-for treaty with Ukraine allowing it to maintain a naval base and permanently station more than 25,000 soldiers there!) 

Complain loudly when Crimeans vote through a fair and supervised referendum to use their independence to protect themselves from armed neo-Nazi thugs and paramilitaries from the Western Ukraine - whose main hero (Bandera) committed war crimes for Hitler and fought alongside the S.S. Nazis during WW11.

Ignore the fact the even America didn't have a democratic referendum before declaring independence and was quite happy to support Albanian independence from Serbia.

But why was Tito's Yugoslavia such an important target for destruction to begin with. Because it was a successful socialist economy with real economic as well as political democracy – worker management of all companies.

Yugoslavia under Marshal Tito - a successful example of National Bolshevism in many respects and  threat to Reagan-Thatcher-Bush-Obama style imperialism and neo-liberal economics i.e. international finance capitalism - which now seeks to destabilise the Russian economy through its trade with Ukraine as well as encircle it with  NATO countries (contravening an agreement with Gorbachov).  

 Marshal Tito

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